Jaxson Rea

Shopify Ecommerce Website

An artfully robust shopping experience for a leading printed canvas home decor brand.

Project Type

Web Design


Art & Home Decor


Jaxson Rea is one of today’s leading brands for printed canvas artwork featuring collections by Banksy, Iris Scott, Marc Allante, Kent Youngstrom and more. With a catalog numbering into the thousands, our goal was to build a site that could present their huge product assortment in a beautiful package – without overwhelming customers and while maintaining a simple backend for Jaxson Rea’s internal management team.

Stand Out!

In a market crowded by similar printed canvas artwork brands, we needed to ensure that Jaxson Rea had it’s own look and feel to set it apart from the competition. We ditched the traditional “boxed” layout in favor of a row-based structure in order to make use of larger, bolder imagery.