turbo and ozone from breakin exceited about .shop

Dot Shop! Oh Dip! Shop (.shop) domains are finally here.

The new .shop domains are finally here! Well almost, they’ll be here on Monday September 26 officially but we’re starting to see some of our pre-registered domains process this week. This is a great rebranding opportunity for ecommerce shops stuck with a not-quite-right domain name, time to make the move!

The process of actually getting a pre-registered domain can be tricky though, it’s a bit like renting an apartment in New York City. You’ve got your eyes on the perfect one, you handed in all your paperwork then at the last second, it doesn’t go through 🙁 . If you’re thinking about making the shift to .shop, give us a shout, we may have a little more swing. In fact, we managed to help two clients snag their domains after their initial registrations were rejected. Good luck!