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A few of our logo design, branding and packaging design projects.

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Your branding is the first thing customers see when interacting with your business – whether it’s a logo, tagline, the shape and color of your packaging, or the layout of your letterhead. It’s crucial to ensure that that experience is a positive one. As the old Head & Shoulders shampoo motto goes, You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Sporty sophistication was the branding concept for real estate developer Cittone Properties. Here we combined clean typography with simple iconography and juxtaposed that with bold colors and blocking.

cittone properties branding

For general contractor Jake Of All Trades, the idea was to create something that went against grain and got noticed, the only business card you’ll ever need. To accomplish this, we came up with a fun, character-themed logo featuring a cartoon octopus holding a multitude of handtools, ready for work.

jake of all trades business cards

Our goal for women’s fashion retailer OMNIA, was to create a logo that was quiet yet strong. OMNIA’s customer is a woman who’s unique and confident, she follows her own path without making a big deal out of it. We used this simple typography logo along with a minimal aesthetic to serve as a base for the brand’s offering of colorful dresses, patterned skirts and detailed accessories.

omnia website

For emerging nutrition supplements line NEXGEN, we sought out to create a brand that was clean and straightforward to represent the brand’s promise of quality and transparency – against the tide of an industry known for being loud, confusing and in-your-face. The infinite helix logo symbolizes an endless pursuit of fitness and it’s oneness with our biology. We punctuated with the tagline “100% Nutrition” to sum up the brand’s mission of creating the best product possible while adhering to the strictest quality standards.

nexgen nutrition packaging

Los Angeles real estate development company Schon Tepler wanted a logo that was bold and straightforward, something to-the-point. We went with a clean typography integrated with the company’s mission statement set in reverse, white text against a black ground, as the foundation. To represent their roots in Hollywood and break the seriousness a bit, we introduced the LA skyline along with an animated intro for their website.

schon tepler website

When Mira Beverages asked us to redesign their logo and packaging, our goal was to provide them with an updated look without abandoning the brand they had developed over their 40 year history. We adapted our new design from the foundation they had established, keeping the same overall color scheme and feel while creating a fresh look that would resonate with the brand’s loyal customer base.

mira packaging

Jaxson Rea is an art and home decor brand and here, we wanted a logo that conveyed their sense of warmth and personality. The signature, rather than a block letter typeface, is in line with what you’d find when shopping the brand’s collection of unique works from established and emerging artists.

jaxson rea website

For neo-traditional menswear designer Scott Langton, we wanted a logo that bridged the gap between the brand’s roots in classical English tailoring and contemporary New York fashion. The logo’s typography combines elements of a formal serif font in a more modern sans-serif package. We “capped” it off with a playful tophat, emblematic of Saville Row, circa 1900.